What Your Overwatch Main Says About You

Ever since its launch one year ago, Overwatch has been a game that consistently delivers fast-paced fun. Dynamic game modes, fun collectibles and frequent server-wide events keep things fresh and engaging and has made it IGN’s 2016 pick for game of the year.

With a large roster of diverse heroes with unique capabilities, players are encouraged to use them to their advantage in order to build up their ultimate ability in hopes of wiping out the other team and gaining control of the capture point.

While it is often necessary to switch heroes in order to counter another, most players have a character that racks up a distinctive amount of hours in their career stats. Whether it’s Attack, Defense, Tank or Support—here is what your Overwatch main says about you.



Attack heroes are highly agile and great at chipping away at health points while your tanks pack some of the harder punches. Whether it’s getting up close and personal with Reaper’s hellfire shotguns or taking an aerial approach with Pharah’s rocket launcher, attack mains are a great addition when wielded correctly. Deflecting ultimate abilities as Genji or flashbanging enemies as McCree are also some highlights of being an attack main. Flanking with highly mobile characters like Soldier 76, Sombra and Tracer can help your team get behind enemy lines for a sneak attack.  Offense heroes tend to try and take a commanding role on the team, however overextending and being too much of a lone wolf is a surefire way to end up dying often.



Defense heroes are good at immobilizing threats, deal massive amounts of damage and can be some of the most irritating characters to counter. Defense mains know this and thrive off of it. Getting sniped repeatedly by Widowmaker and scatter-arrowed for the billionth time in a row is rage-inducing. Being behind the trigger, however, is incredibly fun.

People who tend to troll often do so with Mei by using her wall to block ultimate or as Junkrat by using his traps and mines. Lastly, the ultimate cheese combination is Torbjorn and Bastion–stationary characters that deal mind boggling amounts of damage in seconds flat. Players who main these two know they’re the bane of everyone’s existence and they love it.


Tank mains hit hard and absorb damage like sponges. D.va’s defense matrix can eat ultimate abilities and Roadhog’s self healing ability makes him difficult to take down. Zarya, Winston, Orisa and Reindhart all have shields that require patience and timing, especially because of long cool down times for their abilities.



Support heroes are overworked and underappreciated. Their primary objective is to keep the team alive by being a healer like Mercy, Zenyatta, Ana or Lucio or by providing dynamic shielding and quick mobility as Symmetra with her shield generator and teleporter.

Because they don’t deal a lot of damage themselves and are often just boosters for the other classes, their value is often ignored—which is surprising, seeing as a perfectly timed resurrection from Mercy can revive an entire team and save everyone’s butts.  Even so, don’t worry, support mains—we support you!

With Overwatch’s Anniversary event wrapping up soon, players should definitely log in some major hours with their mains this weekend as they are offering double XP up until June 12. Is your main tricked out with exclusive skins, voice lines and emotes yet?