What Did Edgar Wright Contribute To Ant-Man?



In the 13 or 14 months since director Edgar Wright quit Marvel’s Ant-Man, his shadow has been cast over just about every detail of the production. After spending somewhere in the neighbourhood of eight years (occasionally) working on the movie, he abruptly ditched the project when Marvel started ignoring his artistic preferences last May. Ant-Man ultimately went where the studio wanted it to go, but the work of Wright and co-writer Joe Cornish still figures prominently in the finished film.

Speaking to Uproxx, Wright replacement (and fan) Peyton Reed graciously acknowledged his predecessor’s influence, going so far as to list some of his specific contributions. “It was clearly Edgar and Joe’s idea to make this a heist movie and to sort of loosely base it on Marvel Premiere To Steal an Ant-Man,” he said. “It was also their idea to create this Hank Pym/Scott Lang, mentor/mentee relationship. And, also, their idea to kind of do a Marvel movie where the third act battle takes place in a little girl’s bedroom. Genius. It was great.”


So what did Reed bring to the project? While it’s hard to summarize the detail-by-detail work of directing a movie, he managed to lay out the broad strokes. “I was banging this drum from the beginning of like here’s the things I want of Ant-Man: I want it to be under two hours, I want it to be tight, I want it to be funny, I want it to be kinetic and move to the rhythms of a heist movie. And it had to work for someone who hasn’t seen another Marvel movie or read another Marvel comic. There were going to be elements of it that, if you know, it will enhance the experience, but it had to work as a standalone thing.”

You’ll get a chance to find out if they succeeded on July 17th. In the meantime, watch the latest Ant-Man trailer below.