3 Things That Made Us Very Excited For HBO’s Westworld



Michael Crichton’s 1973 sci-fi classic Westworld is getting a new life on HBO with an awesome-looking series set to be released early next year. The show sees Ed Harris stepping into Yul Brynner’s role as The Man in Black (aka The Gunslinger) and features other big stars—Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, and Anthony Hopkins among them.

Westworld was novelist Crichton’s directorial debut and features a deadly theme park storyline similar to the one Crichton employed for Jurassic Park—in Westworld, it’s killer androids that have taken over instead of dino clones.

Interstellar co-writer Jonathan Nolan is the show’s creator and will also direct the series premiere. Here’s what he shared with San Diego Comic-Con audiences about his new show:

New photos

HBO tweeted these out over the weekend:





New footage

Lucky Comic-Con attendees who went to Nolan’s Person of Interest Q&A were treated to some exclusive Westworld footage. It seems that everyone was on their best behaviour, acquiescing to Nolan’s request that the footage not be captured on anyone’s iPhone and plastered all over the web. Instead, we’ve got this description from IGN: “The footage opens with a young woman sitting motionless in a chair, limbs a bit askew. A voice says ‘Bring her back online,’ as the camera slowly zooms in closer. By the time the scene ends, we’re watching a fly crawl across her eyeball while she remains motionless. The voice asks ‘Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?’”

The clip is set to Strauss’ ‘The Blue Danube Waltz’ which sounds like it would go a long way to up the creep factor. Here’s hoping that Nolan releases the minute-long video soon so we can all get a look.

New stars

Four familiar faces have been added to the cast. Pacific Rim actor Clifton Collins Jr. will play a “charming but lethal outlaw, with a knack for maneuvering and negotiating the various criminal elements of Westworld.” Jimmi Simpson (House of Cards, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) has been cast as “a reluctant first time visitor to Westworld.” Eoin Bailey (Band of Brothers) will play his pal, “a louche bachelor and veteran Westworld guest. His hedonistic romp through Westworld is equally motivated by self-indulgence and a desire to help his friend.”

Lastly, there’s Danish actor Sidse Babbett Knudsen, star of Peter Strickland’s excellent 2014 film The Duke of Burgundy. She’ll play “Westworld’s terse operations leader, responsible for keeping the park from sliding into unscripted chaos.”

Westworld premieres on HBO in January 2016. Check out the trailer for the 1973 original and its underrated sequel: