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The Twistiest, Turniest Westworld Fan Theories | CTV Sci-Fi Channel

The Twistiest, Turniest Westworld Fan Theories

Westworld has been blowing the minds of fans since episode one, and like any great first season it’s left most of us dying for more. A well-written, deliciously enigmatic show like this tends to give viewers lots of food for thought, and there’s no better way to whet your appetite for Season 2 than to get all twisted up in fun fan theories. And there are some doozies out there.

Westworld exists in outer space


One of the most curious aspects of Westworld is exactly when and where it exists/takes place. It seems safe to assume that it’s sometime in the future, but how far? There are a variety of different accents showcased among the characters, and they all seem to live in assigned housing on the Westworld campus, so we’re never really able to figure out an actual location. Or, like, planet? One fan theory suggests that Westworld actually exists in outer space. And yeah, the Westworld headquarters DOES look a bit space-station-y. Hmm.

Ford isn’t really dead


You really have to question everything in shows like Westworld—even though we saw him get hella killed, there’s a definite possibility that Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) could still be alive. I mean, we just learned that Bernard was a basically perfect duplication of Arnold, so it seems possible that  Ford created a robot clone of himself strictly for show-off-y/murder-y purposes.

Arnold is alive


Like, he seems awfully busy for a guy who’s meant to be super dead. And it’s definitely not just Bernard channelling his clone-self… When Bernard uses his programming know-how to break into his own code, he discovers that Arnold is still holding some weird kinda power over him. It is a bit hard to separate Arnold’s intentions from Ford’s, now that we know that Ford has come around and decided to continue his old buddy’s work. For instance, who programmed Maeve to lead her rebellion? It could have been either of them! But the best case for this theory: remember Elsie, Bernard’s coworker? Right before her untimely death, she seemed to discover some evidence that suggested that Arnold was still kicking around somewhere. That girl was generally extra suspicious and very on top of things, so it makes sense to take her suspicions seriously.

There are tons of outlandish theories about where Westworld is headed. In an open-ended and mysterious show like this, there’s ample room to come up with all kinds of speculations. In the end, of course, only the show’s creators know what’s going to happen next. But one thing is for sure—we’ll be waiting for it on the edge of our seats.