5 Weird And Wonderful Comic Book Crossovers

Every now and again the wonderful world of comics gets treated to some insane crossover issues. Most of the time a crossover has similar type characters pitted against each other as some sort of marketing ploy, but these mashups are an eccentric fanboy’s dream come true. Let’s count down some of the weirdest comic book crossovers, shall we?

1. Archie vs. Predator


Archie already has a load of problems as it is. He’s a young, hip, good-looking dude in a band who has two beautiful women that chase him all the time. Now throw in an alien hunter from a distant planet and Archie’s gonna be up to his redheaded skull in things he’s gotta deal with. This comic book crossover is so outlandish that it’s also miraculously good. The death scenes in particular are gruesome in contrast to the lighthearted artwork we’ve come to expect from the Archie series. While the story is a bit weak and the twists are even weaker, it’s also about a redhead fighting an alien killing machine, so what else did you want?

2. Eminem and Punisher


2009 was straight-up weird. Eminem was coming back from a hiatus and what better way to promote his new album than a crossover with The Punisher? Of all the Marvel superheroes this one kind of makes sense. The Punisher is a street-level vigilante who kills bad guys, Eminem, well, he raps about the streets. The story sees them join forces in order to take down the baddie Barracuda, who’s been hired by The Parents Music Council to assassinate Slim. Sadly, there’s no epic rap battle scene between Punisher and Em—talk about missed opportunities.

3. Charles Barkley vs. Godzilla


You want me to actually explain this one? I’ll see what I can do. Barkley vs. Godzilla was actually an adaptation from a Nike television commercial that saw the two squaring off in the streets of Tokyo. It’s probably the most unlikely match up in this entire list and that’s why I love it so much.

4. Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


The most recent crossover on this list has the pizza-loving Ninja Turtles team up with The Dark Knight himself in a wacky, fun-filled adventure. Through some dimension- hopping hijinks, the Turtles end up in Gotham, where they’re trying to hunt down Shredder. It’s not long before they come face to face with Bats himself and that’s where the fun begins. What makes crossovers so great is the focus on fun and this series humour is top-notch. The Turtles play off against Batman’s serious nature for some great panels and it’s just awesome to see these guys kick some serious ninja ass together. After all, Batman is sort of a ninja, too. Go ninja, go ninja, GO!

5. Spider-Man and the Cast of SNL


The comic series Marvel Team-up usually pits characters from their acclaimed universe together in an action-packed adventure but things got a little strange in issue #74 when the cast of Saturday Night Live decided to show up. Original cast members such as John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, Jane Curtin, Bill Murray, and others are all to be found in this jam-packed issue that sees them face off against the Silver Samurai. And of course Stan Lee shows up as the host of SNL.