Watch This Guy Build A Walking, Talking Replica Of TARS From ‘Interstellar’


There’s plenty in “Interstellar” that’s confusing. But one thing that isn’t confusing is how much TARS and his robot brethren kick ass. Super-smart and super-charismatic, they help escort our human heroes through galaxies and time-warping tesseracts.

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Unlike most AI robots in futuristic movies, there’s never a moment when viewers suspect TARS may double-cross the humans. Perhaps he’s less threatening because he has no human features? Whatever it is, the “Interstellar” robot struck a chord, and now a man has built a full-size, walking TARS replica, which he unveiled at Emerald City Comicon last month. Watch it in action:


It took Iain Heath three months to build the elaborate costume. He started with a wooden frame, which he covered with metal and added in details from the film. He outfitted it with two iPads to re-create the screen readouts of the original robot. Heath was in the back of the frame, and the iPads served as his eyes, ears and voice as he walked around in the robot getup.

Heath says his gear won the “One To Watch” award in the costume contest, and he hopes to bring it to more conventions throughout the year. Someone needs to get him a CASE replica so he doesn’t look so lonely at the next convention center.