Watch Mad Max Go-Karting With Paintball Guns

mad max

Take pretty much anything in the world, shrink it down to half its original size and voila! Instantly adorable. It works on everything: furniture, horses… Mad Max: Fury Road car chase scenes—we’ve got the video to prove it.

In order to promote their new Mad Max: Fury Road video game, Warner Bros funded a fan-made homage to the movie where the rigs have been replaced by go-karts and paintballs are used instead of bullets.


Made by YouTuber devinsupertramp, the three-and-a-half minute clip titled Mad Max GoKart Paintball War – 4K! was filmed in Green River, Utah, an excellent stand in for the Namibian desert where the original movie was shot. Though the chase scene takes place on tiny vehicles that have a top speed of around 30 kilometres an hour it’s still pretty impressive to see the actors jump from one moving go-kart to another as they exchange rounds (of paint pellets). And while no one gets blown up, there are still cool stunts, a precarious fist-fight, and a couple of decent tumbles taken out of the rigs mid-race.

The dedicated filmmakers camped out for two days on set and shot some of the footage with drones. They built all the rigs themselves and did a great job with costumes too. Check out the video below to admire their handiwork: