Warcraft Featurette Promises ‘The Biggest Kind Of Filmmaking’

Coming off a pair of modestly budgeted hits (Moon, Source Code), director Duncan Jones was given a chance to work on a much larger scale with this summer’s Warcraft. Having spent roughly four times what he had to work with on his first two films combined, Jones is quick to highlight the luxuries of a $160 million budget. “Anyone who makes films hopes at one point to get the chance to create a world with strong, diverse characters and a vast number of locations,” he says in Creating Warcraft, a new promotional featurette. “Warcraft is really the biggest kind of filmmaking that you can do.”

If you have any doubts about the veracity of that claim, look no further than the clips in Creating Warcraft, as it bombards viewers with one epic image after another. According to production designer Gavin Bocquet, delivering on Jones’s ambitions forced the crew to push themselves further than just about any crew on record. “It’s hard to think of another project like this, in terms of the scale of the imagery that we’ve had to produce,” he explains. “You feel as though you’re at the vanguard of something that hasn’t been done before.”

Jones is well aware of the fact that he’s diving into a competition with other blockbuster filmmakers—and he’s brazen enough to suggest that he might be winning. “There’s an arms race going on in the film industry to push technology. Maybe some time we won’t be the coolest kids on the block anymore, but right now we are.”

Warcraft arrives in theatres on June 10. Sample the spectacle in the featurette below.