Wade Wilson Almost Became A Father In Deadpool 2


If there’s one thing we can reveal about Deadpool 2 that doesn’t qualify as a spoiler, it’s this: the title character does not become a father. Given Wade Wilson’s many R-rated preferences, this is probably for the best, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Ryan Reynolds revealed that there was a short-lived effort to make his character a father, an extension of the first film’s covert preoccupations. “The first movie is a love story masquerading as a comic-book movie,” he said. “This one is kind of a family film masquerading as a comic-book film again.”

While this exploration of family made it to the screen, the actual baby did not, though it did have a brief life on the page. “The genesis of it was, ‘What if Deadpool had a child?’ Like, what if we started five years later and what would that be like?

By page 1.5, it was totally untenable. We were just like, ‘Nope. Nope. No, no, no. This is never, ever going to work.’ We went back to the drawing board and kind of reworked it in a way about wanting to have a child, which is something that so many people I know experience on a daily basis—wanting to have a child, but [they] can’t.”

Deadpool 2 arrives in theatres on May 18. Check out the trailer below.