Tom Hardy Sees ‘Gratuitous Ultra-Violence’ In Venom’s Future


While Venom is very much a Marvel property, the spooky world of the upcoming film adaptation appears to be closer in spirit to DC’s movie output. In part, this can be attributed to the fact that the Venom movie is a product of Sony’s partnership with Marvel Entertainment, not the Kevin Feige overseen Marvel Studios. But in spite of this Tom Hardy vehicle’s (a) deviations from Marvel movie norms and (b) debt to DC’s darker sensibilities, the MPAA has granted the film a PG-13 rating, calming the nerves of parents everywhere.

Asked to comment on the rating and the effect it might have on the title character’s signature volatility, Hardy offered a typically jumbled, scatterbrained response. “To be fair, the thing can fulcrum into R-rated and fulcrum into youth or children,” Hardy said, presumably suggesting that the character has potential in both the adult and kid-friendly arenas. From there, he elaborated on his own children’s embrace of his character: “My littlest ones, they watch Spider-Man and Venom quite comfortably and Venom toys appear and LEGO appear, so it’s not like they’re scared by him.”

However, it seems that Hardy is open to future iterations that target a more grown up audience. “There’s a lot in the real estate that you can actually imbue with a complete sense of gratuitous ultra-violence if you really wanted to,” he explained. “I think you’ve got the right people for that job if you want to push it, ‘cause that’s where I’d love to go with it.”

Venom arrives in theatres on October 5. Check out the trailer below.