Vanessa Hudgens Protects The World From Superheroes In Powerless Trailer

What do you get when you mix Vanessa Hudgens, unruly superheroes/supervillains, and Bruce Wayne’s wacky cousin? The new TV show Powerless, that’s what.

Hudgens’s newest project, a “workplace comedy” set in the DC Universe, will finally premiere February 2 on CTV. Hudgens plays Emily Locke, a person who creates security products to protect her city from the wild exploits of superheroes and their villainous counterparts. It turns the superhero genre upside down, making the non-superheroes the real saviours.

NBC released the official trailer Wednesday (January 18) and we quickly learn Emily’s job definitely isn’t set at your typical security firm. She works for Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk), Batman’s nut job of a cousin, at Wayne Security, along with a gaggle of eccentric co-workers—including Community‘s Danny Pudi. Check out the trailer above.