Unite The Seven Kingdoms of Hyrule In This ‘Game of Thrones’-‘Legend of Zelda’ Mash-Up


Last we heard, Netflix is still working on the their live-action “Legend of Zelda” TV series, which they’ve described as a “family friendly ‘Game of Thrones.’” As ridiculous as the idea sounds, the two franchises DO have some similarities: magic, swords, a fantastical realm, a fanatically devoted fanbase, and an odd fascination with overhead maps.

With that last one in mind, Kial Natale of the Megasteakman YouTube channel took the kingdom that nerds know and love from “Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past” and transformed it to resemble the gear-churning opening credits of the kingdom we all fear and obsess over, Westeros. And WOW, does it work beautifully. Listen closely for the way the two theme songs match up, because it’s basically perfect: