Twin Peaks Recreated on Paper

twin peaks

Paper Twin Peaks

It’s been a good week for Twin Peaks fans. After negotiations between David Lynch and Showtime fell apart, the upcoming revival appeared to be off, but talks continued and they reached an agreement on Friday.

In other Twin Peaks news, a mysterious artist has paid tribute to the show by recreating the opening credits with nothing but paper. This is the second video on the new YouTube channel And The World Was Paper, which previously recreated the trailer for The Force Awakens. The artist gets uniquely appealing results with charmingly old-fashioned methods: “I draw, cut and animate by puppeteering pieces of paper,” he explained.

Like the real Twin Peaks opening, this video is simple and straightforward, yet strangely hypnotic. This may have influenced the artist’s decision to make the video, but it was also a direct reaction to the recent Twin Peaks news. “With David Lynch being in the spotlight over the last few days with his big announcement that he is returning to direct season three of Twin Peaks, I figure, why wait until 2016. Let’s revisit the town of Twin Peaks right now.”

While you wait for the new season to arrive, you can stream the first two seasons on CraveTV—and watch the video from And the World Was Paper below.