Laura Palmer’s Secret Diary Is Becoming An Audiobook

As part of a sequence of recent attempts—including the continuation of the series itself—to re-introduce Twin Peaks to a contemporary audience, the Twin Peaks companion book The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer is being turned into an audiobook.

Released the same year the series originally premiered (1990), The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer is a physical, real-life version of the diary that Special Agent Cooper and others look through in the series to find clues as to who could have killed ultra-popular Homecoming Queen Laura Palmer. The audiobook version of the diary is being released though Audible and will be narrated by Sheryl Lee, who played the part of Laura Palmer in the original series.

Interestingly, the diary was written by Jennifer Lynch, the daughter of Twin Peaks co-creator and renowned auteur David Lynch. The then-44-year old Lynch was successfully able to not only capture the voice of a teenager plagued by nightmares, troubling visions and the need to fit in, but to do so in a way that allowed readers to both sympathize with and become frightened by what Laura Palmer endures over the course of five years. In accordance with the diary featured in the TV series (and to prevent readers from solving Laura’s murder case before the series actually ended), the book also has certain, significant pages “ripped out.”

The diary chronicles Laura Palmer’s dark, disturbing and distressing descent into a life filled with addiction and abuse, which will undoubtedly be made even more creepy when read aloud by “Laura Palmer” herself. And while we’re impressed that Sheryl Lee agreed to record the audiobook, we’re a little skeptical about how convincing she’ll be as a teenage girl now that Twin Peaks has been off the air for over twenty years.

Another book, written by the other Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost—The Secret History of Twin Peaks—was released in physical and audiobook form last October. Showtime, who will be airing new episodes of Twin Peaks in May, is also streaming episodes from the two original Twin Peaks seasons on its website and recently re-released the trailer for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, a prequel film that takes place one week before Laura Palmer’s murder. This, as well as the release of a few offbeat teasers, prove that Showtime (the show will be released on The Movie Network and CraveTV up here in Canada) is definitely trying to “peak” as much interest in the series before May.

Twin Peaks fans can now pre-order the audiobook (dropping on May 2) online, meaning there will be plenty of time to get through the nearly seven hours of content before the first episode of the Twin Peaks continuation series arrives May 21.