The New Twin Peaks Teaser Has A Lot Of Damn Good Coffee

Before Gilmore Girls decided to embrace the practice of near-constant coffee drinking, Twin Peaks did the same thing ten years prior—and luckily, the new trailer for Peaks‘ upcoming third season won’t let us forget it.

Much to the delight of Twin Peaks fans (Twin Peakers? Fire Walkers?), a super-cut style trailer reminding us that Peaks protagonist Special Agent Dale Cooper is oddly—yet endearingly—obsessed with caffeinated beverages was released yesterday.

The trailer doesn’t reveal much, but it definitely got us reminiscing about how good the show was back in its original 1990 run. Plus, all of the Twin Peaks teasers so far have been cryptic—mystery is one of the show’s most important features, so it makes sense that director David Lynch would want to get fans excited while revealing as little as possible.

Case in point: the last teaser, released in December, simply depicts Lynch, in character as Detective Gordon Cole, silently eating a donut, embodying the slightly unsettling but nonetheless compelling style for which Twin Peaks is known for.

Eighteen new episodes of Twin Peaks will air on Showtime starting May 21, a premiere date that Showtime CEO David Nevins revealed last month. The continuation of the ’90s series will kick off with two hour-long episodes, with the third and fourth episodes to be made available online right after. There’s little information about when or how the following 14 episodes will be released, but according to Nevins, the release will be unique and “unconventional.”

Most of the cast members from the original series, including Mädchen Amick, Sheryl Lee, Sherilyn Fenn and Kyle MacLachlan as Dale Cooper will appear in the new episodes. They’ll also be joined by several Peaks newcomers including Naomi Watts, Laura Dern, Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Jason Leigh.