Meet Tupper Ware Remix Party, The Band From Outer Space

After a long night of browsing the Internet, by random chance you may end up on what some people call “the weird part” of YouTube. No longer do you find run-of-the-mill cat videos or “let’s play” channels, but instead content that’s just flat-out unusual.

It was on one of those peculiar nights where I came across Tupper Ware Remix Party (TWRP), a band that embodies all that is strange and bizarre. As I went through countless videos of live concert footage and music videos, I was hooked on their catchy sound and stage presence. The main differentiator from other bands of their nature is their elaborate use of sci-fi and video game inspired costumes. Their style is akin to that of Daft Punk’s earlier days and a throwback to the glourious ’80s (minus the bad hair). Their songs blend science fiction, comedy, and rock together in a nerds’ dream package, with a highlight song being about having to deal with a computer wife.

The party rockers from space each have their own persona and backstory. They consist of: Doctor Sung, the suave pylon wearing vocalist; Meouch, the pharaoh cat bassist; Lord Phobos, the interstellar guitarist; and Havve, the robot drummer.

After some lurking on the web, I discovered the band has three EP’s you can stream on their bandcamp, all of which are ear-blasting and awesome. TWRP’s getting increasingly popular, and their retro video game-influenced music video for The Hit currently has over one million views on YouTube.

The band has even teamed up with musical comedy duo Ninja Sex Party for a couple of tracks, as well as providing the instrumentals for Ninja Sex Party’s new cover album, Under the Covers.


Their cheeky sci-fi references and insistence that they’re actually from space makes TWRP stand out among the usual noise that’s been taking over the music scene as of late. You can try and catch the synth-fuelled rockers in concert on their latest tour before they blast off.

Rock on, space dudes!