Get Primed For 4 More Transformers Movies


If you straight-up loved the first four Transformers movies, then here is some exciting news that will make you shriek with delight, forever: A fifth Transformers is officially happening.

As is a sixth, a seventh, and an eighth.

Hasbro Studios announced on Saturday that a followup to Transformers: Age of Extinction is already in the works, with plans in place to continue the series for another four films at least. Why? Probably because the alternative—i.e. a world in which Hollywood is not working at all times to create new stories around the theme of giant robot warfare—is too horrible to contemplate.

The announcement, which was part of a keynote speech by the studios’ president Stephen J. Davis, didn’t include any additional details about when the movies will be released or who might star in them, but that’s okay. It’s enough just to know that the Transformers will keep on transformin’ until at least 2020. And really, whether you like the Transformers franchise or not, there are plenty of reasons to be glad that there are more movies still to come. Reasons like…

The continued relevance of Shia LaBeouf


As long as Transformers lives on, so too does the memory of Shia as the world’s most stammering action hero.

Bumblebee’s dance moves


Let’s just all admit that we would watch an entire Transformers movie that consisted of nothing but Bumblebee shaking his robot butt for two hours to a series of classic pop songs.

Fun supporting roles


These movies are like a working vacation for your favorite character actors, and they deserve it.

A never-ending source of fresh CGI destruction porn


You can only watch the Avengers tear New York City to pieces so many times before you start craving something new, y’know?

Honest, straightforward objectification


Where other action franchises are trying to get gender equality cred for having, like, one female character, the way that “Transformers” openly leers at its women is actually, oddly, kind of refreshing.

And of course, awesome robot action


Because sometimes you just want to watch a robot, holding a sword, riding on the back of a fire-breathing dragonsaurus, which is also a robot. God bless Transformers, man.