Train To Busan’s Zombies Make That One Guy Who Cuts His Nails On The Subway Seem Like NBD

What’s worse than snakes on a plane? Zombies on a train, no contest. In Train to Busan, the undead have infiltrated a South Korean commuter train speeding towards a city of millions (millions of zombie meals, that is). But before the main course? A complimentary snack to go, courtesy of what’s inside the skulls of the train’s passengers.

Hoping to avoid having their brains end up as zombie food, a businessman (Gong Yoo) and his young daughter (Kim Su-an) form an uneasy alliance with the other uninfected commuters for the duration of the trip. Safe, for a time, in an isolated train car (thank god the undead aren’t too bright), the survivors plot their escape. Surprise! It doesn’t go smoothly.


Director Yeon Sang-Ho’s movie is breaking records at the box office in South Korea and has already ignited a contest between American studios to buy the rights to the Hollywood remake. The film premiered to really great reviews at Cannes, had its Canadian debut at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival, and is in select theatres now. Check out the trailer below.