Toronto After Dark Report: Shut In

Who’s in it: Rory Culkin, Beth Riesgraf, Martin Starr, The Strain’s Jack Kesy

Who’s behind it: Directed by Adam Schindler, written by T.J. Cimfel and David White (V/H/S: Viral)

Who’ll love it: Fans of siege movies who’ve been waiting for one with a good twist.

What it’s about: Anna lives in a creepy old house with her ailing brother Conrad, where everything from his medical supplies to their dinners are delivered to the front door. Conrad is too weak to go outside and Anna hasn’t been able to leave the house since her father passed away a decade ago. That becomes a problem when Conrad dies and Anna is supposed to attend the funeral. Assuming she’ll be out, several of the town’s seedier denizens show up looking for the sacks of cash Anna is rumoured to have stashed at the house. Instead they find a terrified Anna and a host of other unexpected obstacles.

Why you should see it: Produced by Steven Schneider (Insidious, Paranormal Activity), Shut In is a movie that provides a perfectly good answer to the question: why do horror movie victims always run screaming towards their pursuers? For agoraphobic Anna, there’s no other direction to go in—a plot point well-illustrated by a brief scene in which we see her momentarily dragged out onto her own front porch. With that typical horror film frustration taken out of the equation, we’re left to enjoy watching how Anna deals with a trio of home invaders she literally cannot escape (Martin Starr’s sadistic and sarcastic character being the standout among them). Though the odds are stacked high against her, Anna has something on her side that no one expected: experience.

When you can see it: Sunday, October 18 at 4:15pm at Scotiabank Theatre. Tickets available here.

Check out the poster below: