Watch The Room’s Tommy Wiseau Campaign To Be Your Next Joker


The Disaster Artist is the cinematic gift that keeps on giving. Without it, no one would have ever bothered to film this incredible clip of Tommy Wiseau, the actor/writer/director behind The Room (the cult film that James Franco’s The Disaster Artist is based on). In it, Wiseau takes advantage of his resurgent fame to audition for the role of The Joker in DC’s standalone villain origin film (a part that has all but been handed to Joaquin Phoenix—yes, we realize how confusing that is considering the fact that Jared Leto plays him in Suicide Squad).

But back to Wiseau. Following the success of The Disaster Artist, the actor has looking to capitalize on any and all possible opportunities. ‘Hosting gigs at clubs in Miami?’ you might be thinking. Nah. Wiseau wants to audition for Star Wars… or at the very least, a Martin Scorsese movie (yep, Scorsese is involved in the aforementioned Joker prequel).

Nerdist is giving him a leg up by “helping” him create an audition tape. There’s a lot of really great (read: hilarious) stuff in here but the highlight comes when he tells The Batman (aka his masked, leather-clad Room co-star/co-conspirator Greg Sestero) “I don’t want to kill you, you complete me.” It’s one of those rare moments when ‘film’ becomes a synonym for ‘truth.’ Check out the completely bananas clip below.