Will Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Appear In ‘Venom’?


Back in 2007, Topher Grace appeared in Spider-Man 3 like a banshee in the night to shake the very core of die-hard comic fans’ faith in Sony’s ability to make cool Spidey villains.

Although Sony’s recent trailer now attempts to draw fans into the Spider-Man-villain’s origin story, people have been left a bit confused. With no official costumed-character appearances, the current questions on everyone’s mind about the new Venom  trailer are “where’s the symbiotic Venom?,” and “where’s Tom Holland’s web-slinger?”

Whereas the first question could be dismissed as the studio’s attempt to build suspense around the anti-hero’s official reveal, the second question has been driving fans nuts. Will Holland be the villain of this film? The answer to this has been cheekily dangled in fan-faces by Sony. The studio has been pretty hush-hush about those officially involved with the film and we can only guess this has something to do with the upcoming release of Avengers: Infinity War, which hits theatres before the spin-off. Even though Spider-Man will more than likely live through the battles of that film (Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 has been announced for 2019), perhaps Sony fears Holland will steal the show.

Despite rumors of Holland spotted on set, there has been no confirmation that Spiderman will appear anywhere in the film. A spinoff film focusing on a villain that doesn’t feature said villain’s hero does seem more than odd, but it beats whatever Spiderman 3 was doing (iconic/cringe-dancing aside).

Until October 5 we can only pray that Tom Hardy will repair the damage already done to the character. In case you missed it, watch the official Venom trailer below.