So Tom Holland Leaked The Avengers: Infinity War Poster By Mistake


Bad Spidey! Actor Tom Holland, who we all know and love as Spider-Man in those Marvel movies, recently shared a brand-new (too new, actually) Avengers: Infinity War poster by accident during an Instagram Live unboxing video.

Of course, the gift itself is the poster, so you don’t have to squint too hard to spot this non-Easter egg. And who would send such a lovely present? None other than co-Avenger Mark Ruffalo.

The video was swiftly taken off Holland’s page, but then Marvel re-posted it, so obvi this isn’t just some 21-year-old’s idea of a joke. Watch Holland act super surprised (and, y’know, also check out the poster) in the video below.

Thanks, @TomHolland2013. Thanks, @MarkRuffalo. #InfinityWar (via Tom’s Instagram Live)

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Need a closer look of the not-very-surprising poster that’s basically just a bunch of letters and splash of purple-y rainbow? Here you go.

Seriously, people, we have all seen this before. But hey, points for consistency.