Tom Hiddleston Makes Some Intriguing Promises About Thor: Ragnarok

Over the last four years, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has enjoyed an extended vacation from the MCU, but he’ll be back in action later this year when Thor: Ragnarok arrives in theatres. In a recent conversation with IGN, Hiddleston gave us some idea what to expect from his conflicted relationship with the title character. “At the beginning of Ragnarok, Thor has a lot of questions, and Loki, true to form, is not forthcoming with that many answers,” he said. “But hammers are involved and the stakes are raised. Cate Blanchett, it’s no secret, is playing the goddess of death, who brings destruction in her wake and it is the kind of destruction that both Thor and Loki have never seen—on a scale of terror that they have never, ever seen before. So they fall back on their brotherhood, fractured though it is, to see what they can do to stop her.”

As for the other Marvel characters that have arrived on screens during Hiddleston’s absence, he thinks Loki feels relatively unthreatened. He certainly isn’t sweating the magical abilities of Doctor Strange. “I think he probably dismisses Strange,” Hiddleston explained. “Yes, his sorcery’s very impressive, but Loki’s been doing that for centuries, so who cares? But Hella is a different beast, and full of surprises, and actually might have been someone with whom at one time he could have gotten along, but the circumstances have changed.”

In other Thor: Ragnarok news, some fans seem to be preoccupied with Hiddleston’s recent claim that this film will feature “the funniest depiction” of Thor yet seen on screen. Asked to weigh in on this issue, director Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows) made it clear that he’s not losing any sleep over the anxieties of Marvel fans.

If all goes according to (Hiddleston’s) plan, Thor: Ragnarok will have you rolling in the aisles starting November 3, 2017. Check out the trailers for its predecessors below: