Movie Monsters Turn Tinder Into An Even Scarier Nightmare

If you’re the adventurous sort of dater who’d swipe right on a person wearing a mask in their Tinder profile pic, then we’ve got a love match or two for you—especially if you like horror films.

We understand how scary it is to be single in the age of social media and we hate to be the ones to tell you this, but things just got worse. No, better. No… worse. If you thought the 32-year-old guy who lived in his parents’ basement and didn’t know how to use chopsticks was an online dating abomination, check out these dudes:



Then again, some of these guys almost seem like they deserve a chance. Because who doesn’t love a dude who’s close with his family?


Honestly, this one’s only slightly less literate than some actual Tinder profiles we’ve seen.


Still, social media is weird. How disconcerting is it to know that the masked murderer from Scream is just three miles away from you RIGHT NOW?


If none of these megababes are your type, you can browse through more profiles here. A word of warning though: Freddy Krueger just changed his Facebook relationship status to “It’s complicated” so we recommend steering clear of that situation, even if he is the man of your dreams.