Superheroes Get Skewered In TIME’s Worst Movies Of 2016 List

It’s like TIME Magazine hates spandex suits, brooding, square-jawed men with secret identities, and 120-minute-long explosions. Their list of the year’s worst movies shames three big-budget superhero flicks including Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, X-Men: Apocalypse, and (no big surprise here) Suicide Squad.

Evidently, 1,000 Harley Quinn Halloween costumes can’t redeem one messy movie.


Caped crusaders weren’t alone on the list, though. TIME also hated on sequels/reboots like Independence Day: Resurgence, Now You See Me 2, and Zoolander 2 (which everyone asked for and therefore totally deserved).

The list was rounded out by more under the radar offenders like Woody Allen’s Cafe Society, the Jennifer Aniston-starring sap-fest Mother’s Day, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Brothers Grimsby (hands up if you saw that… anyone?), and Dirty Grandpa—which actually made $99 million at the box office because the world is, in fact, a vampire just like Billy Corgan says.


But it was the latest X-Men effort that took the top spot as the year’s very worst film, despite the inclusion of sure-thing stars like blue Jennifer Lawrence, blue Oscar Isaac, Michael Fassbender, and Game Of Thrones’ Sophie Turner among the cast. Disappointing and confusing AF to anyone who went into the movie knowing anything about mutants, Apocalypse might be Bryan Singer’s final X-Men outing (just kidding, he’s producing a TV series in 2017).

Superhero fans don’t need to stress though—despite the epic flopping of some of the most anticipated comic book-based movies of the year, Hollywood has nearly 20 new ones coming out in 2017.