TIFF 2018: What The World Needs Now Is Endzeit’s Sweet Zombie Apocalypse

Who’s Behind It

Carolina Hellsgård (Wanja) helms a filmmaking team that features women in each of the principal creative roles, including its two lead actors.

Who’s In It

German actors Gro Swantje Kohlhof and Maja Lehrer along with a bunch of flesh-eating extras.

Who’ll Love It

Fans of the zombie genre who appreciate beautiful cinematography and a storyline that centres more on its characters’ development than shots of the undead ripping into warm, living flesh. Though there’s plenty of that, too.

What It’s About

Once again it’s the end of the world and zombies have taken over all but two cities in Germany: Weimar (where the execute anyone with even the smallest zombie scratch) and Jena (where it’s rumoured that they’re treating the infected and working on a cure). An unmanned train travels between the two cities with supplies and, for their own reasons, two mismatched young women with a short but fraught history board it in the hopes of reaching Jena. Of course, this wouldn’t be much of a movie if the train didn’t break down. Outside the walls of the only two safe places left in the country, Eva and Vivi have to figure out how to work together to (maybe) survive.

Why You Should See It

From the very first frame, Endzeit is gorgeous despite the gore. At times, it feels more like a German tourism board ad compelling you to tour the country’s gothic architecture or frolic in forests dotted with edelweiss. It’s that pretty. But, as the characters in the film deduce, beautiful but deadly Mother Nature has had enough of humanity, her terrible tenants—so she’s evicting us for being seriously behind on the rent. Like 2017 TIFF selection The Girl With All The Gifts, Endzeit frames its zombie invasion not as an end but as a possible beginning for something new. Don’t fight it. Just let the apocalypse wash over you.

When You Can See It

Endzeit – Ever After debuted at TIFF this past Friday, September 7. Catch it again on Friday September 14 at 3:15pm at Scotiabank Theatre. Watch the trailer below.