TIFF 2018: 7A Hints At What The Future Of Sci-Fi Might Look Like


Who’s Behind It

TIFF Short Cuts programme alumnus Zachary Russell. Russell’s first short film, the award-winning David Lynch-like She Stoops to Conquer, played at the Festival in 2015.

Who’s In It

Kayla Lorette, the central actor from Russell’s previous film, stars in this latest one, too. She also co-wrote the script alongside Russell. You may have spotted Lorette in small parts on Kim’s Convenience or The Beaverton. Her co-star in the sparsely populated narrative is Tom Rooney.

Who’ll Love It

Sci-fi fans who want to see where the next feature-length addition to the genre might be coming from.


What It’s About

A young woman, possibly some kind of online content creator (which, the way things are going, will likely be everyone’s job in the future) gets an unexpected visit from a maintenance man. Just as he finishes his work, the two are caught unprepared by another unscheduled event. Things get increasingly intense from there.

Why You Should See It

TIFF’s Short Cuts programme features an expertly curated lineup of films designed to offer a sneak peek at the future of filmmaking. 7A will screen alongside six other shorts with a bend towards the creepy and unsettling. It’s also a great film to catch if you’re an ultra-modern minimalist that needs help decorating a new loft. 7A’s art direction is on point, right down to the ‘millennial pink’ surprise.

When You Can See It

7A will make its debut as part of TIFF’s Short Cuts programme 06, screening Sunday, September 9 at 9:45 p.m. and Saturday, September 15 at 9:15 p.m. Both screenings take place at Scotiabank Theatre. Check out the trailer below.