TIFF 2017: The Ritual Might Be TIFF’s Jump-Scariest Movie

The Ritual

Who’s Behind It

Director David Bruckner, writer Joe Barton, and novelist Adam Nevill, whose book the film is based on.

Who’s In It

Rafe Spall, Robert James-Collier, Arsher Ali, Paul Reid, and Sam Troughton (grandson of Doctor Who’s Patrick Troughton).

Who’ll Love It

Blair Witch fans, The World’s End fans—the movie incorporates the best of both those predecessors.

What’s It About

Four middle age dudes gear up and head to the mountains between Sweden and Norway to hike the trails in honour of a deceased pal. After performing a nice little memorial ritual for him atop a stunning peak, they decide that roughing it isn’t their thing—they’d prefer to be in Vegas, Tuscany, Amsterdam, or at least in front of the roaring fire back at the lodge, whiskey in hand. Problem: the lodge is a 14 hour hike away.

Learning absolutely nothing from Hansel and Gretel, the foursome decides to cut through the woods, where they encounter something far worse than a cottage made of candy. Ironically, your typical British ‘lad’s weekend’ often isn’t much better.

Why You Should See It

Like loads of classic jump scares? The Ritual serves up plenty. As the four friends attempt to navigate the wilderness, they realize they’re being stalked. By what? They’re not sure. Is it human, demon, or something else? Trying to figure it out before they do is half the fun. Brush up on your pagan cult symbols before you head to the theatre and you just might.

When You Can See It

The Ritual premiered as part of TIFF’s Midnight Madness program. Catch it in theatres this October. Check out the trailer below.