A Closer Look At The Newly Released Thor: Ragnarok And Black Panther Concept Art

Earlier this week, we briefly talked about the Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok “Marvel Studios Phase 3 Exclusive Look” concept images that came with the Digital HD release of 2016’s Doctor Strange, but we decided that the pictures warranted a bit of a deeper dive. The pieces of Thor concept art seem to reveal more information than the Black Panther pieces (understandable, since Thor comes out this November while Black Panther doesn’t arrive until February 2018), so let’s take a look at the Black Panther images first.

A few of the images depict Black Panther looking badass and/or gazing heroically at the world around him, and most of the images give us a good idea of exactly what the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda will look like on screen. Interestingly, one of the images depicts two characters standing in what looks to be a dark cave of some sort and, according to Syfy Wire, may actually be a Vibranium mine.

The Thor images, on the other hand, focus a little more on character design. Even though an image of Cate Blanchett’s Hela looking out onto a sea of Asgardian warriors was released last summer, we didn’t actually see her face. In one of the newly released images however, we get to see Hela up close, in all of her death goddess-y glory.

The image also depicts Thor and Loki, who will presumably fight Hela together, standing side by side. Though we’ve known that Loki will appear in the third instalment of the Thor film franchise for a while, it’s still nice to see him and Thor together again, since he didn’t make an appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

A third image, featuring Thor and the Hulk engaged in battle in what looks to be a gladiator arena, has been getting a lot of buzz largely because the image seems to confirm theories that the plot of Ragnarok—part of which will take place on the planet Sakaar—is partially based on the Planet Hulk Marvel comic book storyline, in which Hulk is tricked into leaving Earth, ends up on the planet Sakaar, becomes a gladiator and loses his wife to a shuttle explosion, and travels back to Earth to enact revenge on those who tricked him in the first place.

It’ll certainly be interesting to watch the events leading up to Thor and Hulk’s epic fight, since Thor and Bruce Banner seemed to be getting along fine when we saw them together in the first “Team Thor” clip released last August.