Even Chris Hemsworth Couldn’t Lift This ‘Real’ Homemade Thor Hammer

Forget Halloween: who needs a costume when you’ve got your own working hammer of the gods? Built by YouTube cosplay prop maker Sufficiently Advanced, this replica of Thor’s iconic Mjolnir can only be picked up by its true owner—just like the one that belongs to Marvel’s Norse-god-turned-superhero.

The secret, which the Mjolnir’s maker reveals at the beginning of the video when he shows his building process, is a fingerprint scanner that unlocks the hammer’s electromagnets for no one but its creator, Allen Pan—much to the frustration of the hordes of Venice Beach passersby who answer Pan’s challenge and attempt to lift the hammer, only to find out that they’re not worthy.


While Pan’s genius invention manages to fool almost all of the wannabe Thors he encounters (sadly Chris Hemsworth was not one of them) the best attempts to lift the Mjolnir come near the end of the video when Pan gets busted by a tech-savvy bystander with a sharp eye.

Check out the video below to see Pan’s awesome electromagnet-powered prop in action: