This ‘Walking Dead’ Graphic Tour Makes Us Want To Go Back To Zombie School


If you’ve ever wondered how your “The Walking Dead” zombie sausage gets made, this graphic novel-style tour of the show’s zombie factory will fascinate, delight, and occasionally torment you.

Which is to say, they still won’t tell us the recipe for that viscous substance that spews out of walkers when someone shoots, stabs, or stomps on one. [Shakes fist, vows revenge.]

But apart from that, this interactive site from CableTV is a thorough, awesome look at the process by which human actors become undead biters!

It starts with mandatory attendance at Zombie School, and ends with an ignominious “death” at the wrong end of Rick Grimes’ gun; along the way, pop-ups and videos from behind the scenes offer an extra layer of info about the show’s award-winning makeup and effects.

Want to check it out for yourself? Click below to launch the interactive, and shuffle your way to a bachelor’s degree in zombitude.