This Library Pac-Prank Is A Much-Needed Break From Finals Studying

Finals season is upon us, and students everywhere are regretting putting off their term papers, readings and assignments ’til the last minute. At this point in the semester, the library is probably the most miserable place to be on any college campus. There’s simply too much late-night cramming, frantic coffee drinking and/or silent sobbing going on in those carrels.

A group of students at Jesus College Cambridge came up with an ingenious way to lighten the mood during this critical time at their university’s library. They hilariously disturbed the peace and quiet by bringing Pac-Man to life, which law student Jack Anderson captured on video:


One dude dressed up as the arcade game’s main charater, while a group of ghosts chase him through the stacks. The onlooking students couldn’t help but look up from their textbooks and have a long, much-needed laugh before returning to the grind.