This Is What ‘The Simpsons’ Would Look Like As ‘Despicable Me’ Minions


With “The Simpsons” being on for 26 seasons and all, it’s no surprise that the cartoon has spoofed an infinite amount of other hit movies, shows, and Spider-Pigs over the years. However, we’ve never seen anything quite like the mash-up extravaganza-fest we saw in “Treehouse Of Horror XXV” on Sunday (October 19).

“I just had a worrisome thought,” a ghostly version of Lisa said. “If there could be two incarnations of the Simpsons, why couldn’t some evil marketing entity produce millions of others?”

Cue Springfield’s hottest family walking through the front door in eye-popping 3D, followed by anime (we spotted “Pokemon” and “Naruto”), “Adventure Time,” “South Park” (with Maggie hilariously designed as the Canadian baby Ike), “Archer,” “The Lego Movie,” “Despicable Me” (go minions!) and more. Check them out below:


Oh, and for any of you who are dying for more “Simpsons” crossovers, know that the “Futurama” Planet Express crew will be heading to Springfield on November 9.