This Guy Spliced Himself Into ’90s Video Games And It’s Incredible


Remember “Nick Arcade,” that ’90s game show that placed contestants “inside” a super-cheesy green screen video game? Well, one man is blowing up on Reddit because he has done the modern version of that, splicing himself into classic video games, and it’s fantastic.

Back in December, this video game performer gave arcade brawler “The King Of Fighters ’97″ the live action treatment, and that clip is making the rounds now. Watch as he takes on a slew of characters from the title simultaneously, unleashing special moves and looking like a true 16-bit hero among the dizzying action and beautiful editing. Keep an eye on that health bar, dude.

It even has the anxiety-inducing “Continue” screen!

A month later the same guy took on “Street Fighter Alpha,” first fighting Ryu before entering into the ring with the entire squad. It’s like LARPing, but with CGI characters instead of having to round up actual like-minded geeks.

Someone needs to give this guy an Oculus Rift to see what he can come up with.