This Ginormous New Batsuit Is The Biggest Thing At Comic-Con



The fun has barely even begun at San Diego Comic-Con, but there’s one display on the SDCC floor that’s already got everyone buzzing.

It’s a trio of figures from the upcoming Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice — and all eyes are on the giant armored Batsuit that Ben Affleck will wear for his hotly-anticipated battle with the Man of Steel.

Pics of the Batman armor (which, unlike the accompanying Superman and Wonder Woman figures, doesn’t actually have Batman in it) have been flooding Twitter since SDCC kicked off, with fans hungrily obsessing over its every detail. Here’s a peek at the conversation so far:

The immediate consensus? EFF YEAH, BATSUIT.

Anticipation for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is hotter than ever before.

The massive suit is designed to protect Batman, but a glass case protects it from the rabid crowds.

Ben who? Affleck what? All we care about is the suit.

Some fans started digging right away for animated look-alikes, and found good ones.

And beneath the Batsuit? MOAR BATSUIT, as one savvy photog noted.