This Game Of Thrones April Fools Prank Will Break Your Heart Even More Than The Show


Photo Credit: HBO

April Fools Day is the worst day of the year, and not just because someone always puts saran wrap on the toilet seat at work. It’s also the worst because it inspires people to put out the most fantastic ideas out into the universe — ideas that will never, ever truly come to pass.

The brilliant minds at ThinkGeek are among the most egregious perpetrators of April Fools Day. Every year, they toss out a bevy of products that absolutely, 100% do not exist — and absolutely, 100% should exist. This year, their biggest offense is creating the best idea for a “Game of Thrones” board game imaginable: “Game of Thrones Clue.”


They describe the game as follows:

The plot of Game of Thrones in both its book and HBO television series incarnations involves a mess of murders, which makes it a perfect fit for a board game like Clue. Game of Thrones Clue plays just like classic Clue, but with GoT-themed goodness bundled in. Gone are the basic playing pieces and standard weapons. They’ve been replaced with all new pieces: 48 suspects and 48 weapons. You might notice the board’s been renovated, too. It now measures an expansive 2 ft. by 4 ft. What can we say? It’s hard to contain all of Westeros.

Do those numbers sound a little bigger than the Clue you’re familiar with? Well, they are. We like more options in our gaming. Rock, Paper, Scissors? No. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. Traditional Clue has 324 possible suspect / location / weapon combinations. Our GoT Clue has 69,120. Spoiler alert: you’ll never know what’s coming next. Or will you…?

Given the expansive nature of the product, the $49.99 price-tag on “Game of Thrones Clue” is an absolute steal — until you click “Buy Now,” get an April Fools message, and proceed to drown yourself in shame and sorrow for the rest of the day. Curse you, ThinkGeek.

Check out all of ThinkGeek’s April Fools themed products today, because even if they’re not actually purchasable, they’re all actually awesome.