These Are The 10 Ways To Celebrate May The Fourth You’re Looking For

Happy Star Wars Day, Star Wars fans. It’s that time again—the time of year when wannabe Jedis and Sith Lords adopt a collective lisp and greet each other with a solemn ‘May the fourth be with you.’ Or, you know, just re-watch the movies. Still undecided on how you’re going to mark the occasion? Accept (or accept not) our Yoda-like guidance.

1. It’s a big day. Start it off right with a balanced breakfast.


2. Re-pot your plants, grind your spices or make waffles inside of the Death Star.


3. Dye all your dairy products blue. Going beyond just milk shows your commitment to eating like Luke Skywalker. Just because we didn’t see aunt Beru serve blue yogurt or blue lattes doesn’t mean she didn’t.


4. If the Force is strong with you, be sure to use it for good, especially on this auspicious day.


5. Wear a gold bikini under your regular clothes. Show George Lucas if you happen to run into him.


6. Vader someone. Preferably a pathetic underling.

Do or do not. There is no try. #vadering

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7. Dress up. If your work has issues with employees going full Captain Phasma, keep it low key with a simple Millennium Falcon t-shirt, a classy droid bow tie, or a chic hat that is in no way intended for children only.


8. Watch every Star Wars movie. If you don’t have time to watch them all, check out this clip and then watch The Force Awakens since it’s probably the least worn-out Blu-ray in your Star Wars collection.

9. Build your own podracer. Come on, if that twerp Anakin can do it, you can too.


10. Meditate on the influence Star Wars has had on your career/relationships/political affiliations, as well as on the whole of pop culture. Here’s an infographic to guide your visualization process: