These 100 People Will Compete To Live On Mars In A New Reality Show


The disappointing thing about reality TV nowadays is that it’s often so repetitive and unoriginal. Sure, each show is bound to have its own little twists and rambunctious personalities, but how many boring talent competitions do we ACTUALLY need?

Thankfully, our prayers for some awesome new programming have been answered with a new reality show about people competing to live the rest of their lives on Mars.


More than 200,000 people from all over the world applied for a one-way trip to the Red Planet, and Dutch nonprofit Mars One has now narrowed those people down to 100 finalists.

To be clear, this is a one-way trip. As in, they’re not coming back. They’ll live on Mars as a group for the rest of their lives and will almost certainly die there. (Uhhh, no thanks.)

Of those 100 brave souls, there are 50 men and 50 women ranging from ages 19 to 60. 38 of them are from the U.S., and it’s a pretty highly educated group of people — four-fifths have a college degree and 30 have a master’s.

Now comes the fun part. Mars One has decided to televise the rest of the competition as the group gets narrowed down from 100 to 24. Think of it like the Hollywood Week on “American Idol.” In fact, now that we’re thinking about it, they should really recruit Ryan Seacrest to lend his intense hosting talents to this competition, amirite?

Anyway, the 24 finalists will be divided into six teams of four that will compete in random challenges to determine which group is best prepared to leave for Mars in 2024. After that, if all goes well, Mars One will be sending the rest of the groups to Mars every two years after that.

It hasn’t been revealed when the show will start or what its exact format will be, but here are a few free ideas for them to consider:

– “The Bachelor”-inspired rose ceremonies centered around candle-lit oxygen tanks
– “Top Chef”-inspired challenges to turn nasty, prepackaged space food into culinary masterpieces
– “America’s Next Top Model”-inspired photo shoots inside giant craters (bonus points if contestants nail Tyra Banks’ smize)
– And, of course, this show needs “The Real World”-inspired hidden cameras EVERYWHERE so we can find out what it looks like when people try to hook up in space.