The X-Files Will Probably Be Back In 2018 Or 2019

Fans of The X-Files have never had a problem with unsolved mysteries, but many are getting nervous that a follow-up to last year’s mini-season still hasn’t been announced. However, a very positive—if not quite official—update came from the Television Critics Association’s press tour yesterday in Pasadena, California. Fox’s President, Entertainment, David Madden made it clear that the network is in active negotiations with the team behind the show. “There’s a lot of conversations going on,” he said. “These conversations are complex, but we hope to be able to announce something shortly.”


The other encouraging news is Fox’s intention to put together something a little bit longer than last year’s six-episode run. Unfortunately, this also makes the process of finalizing a deal more challenging. “It’s just very difficult,”Madden said of efforts to align everyone’s schedules. “Their lives don’t lend themselves easily to finding time to do this. Gillian lives in London, she has young children. Coming to Vancouver for three or four months is not easy for her, particularly when she has other work commitments. David can be available, and then something big can come along for him. So it’s not easy to find time.”

Nonetheless, Madden is hopeful that we will see something in the next year or two. “My expectation is we will not have something next season. It could be fall 2018 or 2019. It isn’t impossible that it could turn around and happen next year, but the clock is getting pretty tight. There’s no negativity, there’s no issues, I think they’d all like to do it. But it isn’t an easy decision for them. We remain as supportive as we can be trying to help them make it work.”