The ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Super Bowl Spot Is An Idyllic Dream Gone Wrong


For the last two decades, HBO has chosen to save money by steering clear of the high-priced world of Super Bowl commercials, but for the long-awaited second season Westworld, they decided to make an exception—with impressive results. “I wanted it to feel like one of these beautifully crafted love letters you get in the Super Bowl,” series creator Jonathan Nolan told Entertainment Weekly. “Something that gives you a sense of what the park was supposed to feel like—this idyllic dream of the pastoral and idealized West that Americans get sold during the Super Bowl ads, and then pull the rug out and remind the audience what they’re really watching.”

While most of the footage in the spot was taken directly from Season 2, Nolan acknowledges that the teaser’s android bulls were given the deluxe treatment with the Super Bowl spot in mind. “That set piece was conceived for the season and we executed it with extra time and care because our partners at HBO thought it would make a great centrepiece for the ad,” he revealed. “It has always been scripted, but we leaned harder into it.”

Nolan remains tight-lipped about other aspects of Season 2, but he confirms the teaser’s suggestion that Logan (Ben Barnes) and Dolores’ father Peter Abernathy (Louis Herthum) will be back. “We had so much fun working with Ben and Louis and had more story to tell with them,” he said. “Dolores’ story—as we’ve learned about all our hosts by the end of the first season—their lives span decades. So we have more storytelling to do about the origin of the park and the park’s little secret project.”

Westworld returns to HBO Canada on April 22. In the meantime, check out the Super Bowl spot below.