‘The Walking Dead’ Is So Gross It’s Turning The Cast And Crew Vegetarian


Norman Reedus is basically a vegetarian now, thanks to “The Walking Dead,” but he ain’t happy about it — nor is he the only one.

According to the actor — who explained that “I’ve become a vegetarian and I’m kind of bummed about it” — the series’ special effects are so disarmingly realistic when it comes to dismembered humans, zombie feeding frenzies, and the like, that most of the cast and crew have stopped eating meat of all kinds, finding it just too unsavory given, well, the series they’re working on.

Naturally, this has meant the catering on-set has gone off meat for a bit, with the vast majority of it being meat-free altogether. According to an “off-camera source” who explained it to UK paper The Daily Star, “about 80%” of the food served during filming has nixed flesh from its ingredients list.

“After watching Walkers realistically look as though they are consuming bloody human flesh or seeing heads and other body parts sliced off,” explained the source, “no one was touching the red meat or even chicken that was on offer.”

And it’s not just the regulars who’ve been put-off by the realism of their grisy set-up. “Often, we’re talking about hundreds of people who need to be fed on a show that regularly uses an enormous number of extras all made-up to look so scary they’d put anyone off eating.”

“Who could possibly sit down to liver and onions or a kidney dish after slopping around in very lifelike entrails or other realistic props on set?” Well said, off-camera source. Well said!