‘The Walking Dead’ Gets The Awesome Toys It Deserves With These New Sets


Back during San Diego Comic-Con, insanely popular toy creator Todd McFarlane revealed the newest twist on his highly detailed line of “Walking Dead” toys: buildable sets in the vein of LEGOs, but you know, decidedly not for the kids.

With the first series flying off shelves, McFarlane Toys is expanding the line with brand new sets that will make any fans of AMC’s show lose their heads faster than an encounter with The Governor.

Check out the Woodbury Assault Vehicle and Prison Catwalk sets below, then check them out in person when McFarlane shows them off starting tomorrow (February 14) at Toy Fair in New York… And then try to grab them before they disappear from stores later this year.

McFarToys_Catwalk-mtv-1423845256 McFarToys_WAV-mtv-1423845253 p_mbs_wdtv2_CATWALK_001-mtv-1423845222 p_mbs_wdtv2_CATWALK_003-mtv-1423845234 p_mbs_wdtv2_CATWALK_009-mtv-1423845231 p_mbs_wdtv2_CATWALK_012-mtv-1423845228 p_mbs_wdtv2_CATWALK_013-mtv-1423845225 p_mbs_wdtv2_CATWALK_015-mtv-1423845220 p_mbs_wdtv2_WOODBURY-ASSAULT-VEHICLE_006-1423845240 p_mbs_wdtv2_WOODBURY-ASSAULT-VEHICLE_007-mtv-1423845250 p_mbs_wdtv2_WOODBURY-ASSAULT-VEHICLE_009-mtv-1423845248 p_mbs_wdtv2_WOODBURY-ASSAULT-VEHICLE_010-mtv-1423845245 p_mbs_wdtv2_WOODBURY-ASSAULT-VEHICLE_012-mtv-1423845242 p_mbs_wdtv2_WOODBURY-ASSAULT-VEHICLE_013-mtv-1423845237