The Star Of Star Trek: Discovery Is Not A Captain

Returning 2020

Star Trek: Discovery executive producer Bryan Fuller has been generous with updates since the show was announced in July. Just last week, he hinted that the new series was set before the original ’60s series—and he’s now ready to elaborate. Speaking at the Television Critics Association Press Tour yesterday, Fuller got a little more specific, revealing that Star Trek: Discovery is set a decade before Captain Kirk took over the USS Enterprise. In other words, you can expect some intriguing overlap. In fact, Fuller says he sees this series as a unique opportunity to resurrect design elements from the original series: “We can play with all the iconography of those ships and those uniforms.”


As for the show’s connection to previous Star Trek story material, Fuller took a few possibilities off the table—the show is not set around Axanar, Kobayashi Maru, or Section 31—but he promises to explore an unspecified aspect of the original series that’s worthy of further consideration. According to Fuller, the new series will “dig deep into something that for me was always very tantalizing.”

However, the biggest Star Trek: Discovery reveal in Fuller’s talk concerns the show’s main character. We now know that the protagonist is (a) a woman and (b) a Lieutenant Commander, not a Captain. Over the course of this series, Fuller says she will learn “how to get along with others in the galaxy,” but to “understand something that is truly alien, she first has to understand herself.”

For more revealing details from Fuller’s talk—including new info about aliens, robots, and returning cast members—check out IGN’s full report on the panel here. Shooting has yet to commence, but it can’t possibly hurt to watch that Comic-Con test footage again.