The Sicario Trailer Is Sick and Scary


Photo Credit: Lionsgate

Emily Blunt as a whip smart, can-do badass? Yeah, that’ll pretty much never get old, so keep it coming.

The trailer for her latest actioner Sicario, a term which means “hitman” in Mexico, is here, and it looks like we’re in for more of the Blunt ballistics we’ve become accustomed to lately.

Except … this is going to be an even drearier scenario than the futuristic sci-fi set-ups we’ve seen her in before (see also, The Adjustment Bureau, Looper, and Edge of Tomorrow). This is chaos of the here and now variety.

In the gritty crime drama, Blunt stars as an FBI agent who’s been tapped to help regulate the dangerous border between the United States and Mexico as the War on Drugs intensifies. And while any patrol assignment in the area would be hazardous enough to a person’s health, she goes and joins a small team of agents and officers who cross the border into Mexico to track down the Big Bad. Which … turns out to be a risky move, to say the least.


As the trailer shows, Blunt’s going to have her hands full here — which is exactly where she tends to shine. The audience at Cannes, where the film premiered earlier this year, certainly responded to her slick performance in Sicario. (Variety, for example compared her performance to Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs.)

Could there be another Golden Globe on the way for our gal? We’ll see. But at least we do know there’ll be some serious ass-kicking and name-taking on the rise.

Sicario hits theaters on Sept. 18.