The Shannara Chronicles Season Premiere Recap: Druid Reminds Us That Magic Always Has A Price


When Season 1 of The Shannara Chronicles ended all the way back in March 2016, we had a lot of burning questions. Can Wil save Eretria? Can King Ander continue to protect Arborlon on his own? Can Allanon protect Bandon from himself? And, most importantly, who is the masked man Eretria confronted at the very end of the finale?

While the answers to most of those questions have yet to be determined, at least we learned that the masked man was none other than a kindly scientist named Cogline. We don’t know a lot about Cogline (apart from his fascination with a newfangled invention called electricity), but we do know that he and Eretria have known each other for a long time and that he was very close with Eretria’s mom.

Despite initially refusing Cogline’s offer to live with him and his merry band of scavengers, Eretria ultimately ends up staying in his lair for an entire year—which is where Season 2 picks up. Unfortunately it takes Eretria that full year to discover that Cogline isn’t quite as kindly as he might seem. Cogline has convinced Eretria that neither Wil nor Amberle came to look for her after returning to Arborlon, but Lyria (Finding Carter’s Vanessa Morgan), Eretria’s fellow scavenger and obvious future love interest, informs Eretria that he’s been lying to her. The two search Cogline’s lab to find proof and uncover Wil’s pendant, and a hurt Eretria confronts Cogline about his dishonesty.


Cogline insists that he was just trying to protect Eretria, but could he be lying about more than just Wil and Amberle? And how much will Cogline end up revealing about Eretria’s past, which up until this point has been very mysterious?

On the other side of the Four Lands, Wil is finally fulfilling a promise he made to himself in the very first episode—to travel to Storlock and train to become a healer. At first he seems to have quit magic cold turkey, as he tells Mareth, an unusual new patient (The Flash’s Malese Jow) that he’s nothing but “just another healer.” Burying himself in his work to try to forget the events of the previous year works for Wil at first, but when he starts getting flashbacks of Amberle in the middle of a surgical demonstration, Wil can’t help but turn to his trusty Elfstones for help.


And he’ll need all the help he can get, as it turns out that Bandon (who recently turned to the dark side and is giving us some serious Kylo Ren vibes) and General Riga, the leader of an anti-magic cult called the Crimson, are both after Wil’s powerful, Shannara-blooded head. Riga’s taking a more “traditional” approach in that he’s enlisted a group of fellow evildoers to burn, kill, and destroy their way to a magicless future.

Bandon, on the other hand, manages to resurrect the heart of the Warlock Lord, a former Druid who (like Bandon) became corrupted by power. He orders the Warlock Lord to go after Wil, but fortunately Mareth swoops in to save the day by unexpectedly conjuring up Wil’s clone.

Which brings us to our next section…

What To Look Out For In Next Week’s Episode

1. Mareth’s Magic

Mareth’s clearly got a gift, but we’re not quite sure what her magical abilities mean. Could she be a Shannara like Wil? Or does she possess powers because she’s also…

2. Mareth’s Parentage

…Allanon’s daughter? We had no idea that Druids could actually have children, but the possibility that Allanon and Mareth could team up and use their good Druid magic against Bandon’s bad Druid magic is pretty exciting.

3. Uncle Flick’s Disappearance

General Riga and his henchmen burned down Shady Vale, Wil’s hometown, in their quest to hunt down and kill Wil once and for all. Wil’s Uncle Flick was told to run and hide, but is he still alive or did he fall victim to Riga’s heartless rampage?

4. Amberle’s Presence

It was sad to see Poppy Drayton’s name absent from this season’s opening credit sequence, but we were relieved to see that Amberle wasn’t totally forgotten this episode. Will Eretria and Wil continue to communicate with her in the form of visions? Or will they somehow make their way to the Ellcrys and talk to her in “person?”