7 Modern Conveniences That Blew Eretria’s Mind On The Shannara Chronicles

Man on the moon, what?

Eretria got the shock of her life on this week’s episode of The Shannara Chronicles when she learned that humans had once walked on the moon, but it wasn’t the only revelation that startled her. When the rover stumbled across a colony called Utopia, its ruler Ty introduced her to some of the finer things in life that were once enjoyed by the human race—before that pesky destruction of civilization that led to a new world filled with elves, druids, trolls and demons.

In honour of Eretria’s blissful naiveté about the past—seriously, wasn’t she kind of adorable?—here are seven modern conveniences that are NBD to us but totally blew her mind:

1. Modern Medicine


When the injured rover woke up in the Utopian infirmary, she was shocked to find an IV in her hand. Hey, it’s better than Wil shoving a burning stick into her wound.

2. Electricity


To kick off the humans’ party, Ty let Eretria flick a switch and illuminate a string of party lights—causing Miss E’s jaw to practically drop. Keep iPhones away from her, buddy, her head might explode.

3. Records


The residents of Utopia grooved to music supplied by a good ol’ record player. And if you’re too young to know what records are, just think of them as really big CDs. And if you’re too young to know what CDs are, just think of them as shiny little discs that contain a bunch of MP3s. Damn, we feel old.

4. Raves


A giant crowd of partygoers? Check. EDM? Check. Who cares if they were only serving apple brandy—shut up and dance!

5. Film Projectors


Eretria thought it was “magic” when visions suddenly appeared on a white screen, but Ty had simply fired up an old film projector. And if you don’t know what a film projector is (still feeling old, thanks), it’s a reel-to-reel device that people used to watch movies waaay before DVD players. Ty, in fact, used his to show a film that would offer his fellow Utopians “a vision of the life we will build together—the life our ancestors had before the war.” Um, too bad he didn’t realize they were watching…

6. Star Trek


That’s right—Ty and crew were actually viewing Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. Live long and prosper, guys!

7. Guns


Look, we’re certainly not Donald Trump gun advocates, but you have to admit that you were pretty relieved when Eretria wielded a weapon she’d only just seen for the first time—and used it to blast the hell out of that troll.

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