The Stars Of The Shannara Chronicles Explain Their Alter Egos

MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles may not debut until January 5, but we’ve got an in-depth introduction to the characters who’ll inhabit the Four Lands—courtesy of the actors who play them.

In the clips below, the show’s stars open up about their new alter egos and paint a picture of how each fit into the world of the small-screen adaption of Terry Brooks’ beloved book. Check them out:

Wil Ohmsford, played by Austin Butler

Hailing from a poor village, the recently orphaned Wil sets out to become a healer but finds himself embarking on quite a different quest altogether. He may feel like the odd half-man/half-elf out, but he plays an integral part in this story.

King Eventine, played by John Rhys-Davies

The ruler of the Four Lands, King Eventine has tried hard to keep his people in the dark about the even darker forces afoot in their world, but his plan to “remove the irrational from the world” is quickly falling apart.

Eretria, played by Ivana Baquero

A member of the thieving Rover clan, Eretria is a delicate balance of strength and sensitivity; those traits serve to both help and hurt her as she embarks on her journey.

Amberle, played by Poppy Drayton

King Eventine’s granddaughter Amberle may seem like a delicate flower, having grown up in a lush palace, but she possesses a tougher side which the quest brings out in her.

Allanon, played by Manu Bennett

A Druid, Allanon is the center the three main characters circle around. He recognizes the implication of the Ellcrys’ wounds and is just the man to take action, despite his own self-doubt.