The Retro Nintendo Power Glove Just Makes Teens Laugh Now: Watch


The same brilliant minds who brought us the “Elders React To ‘Grand Theft Auto’” video are back, this time introducing a bunch of ’90s babies to Nintendo’s infamous ’80s flop, the Power Glove.


With its launch in 1989, the Power Glove was marketed as a revolutionary device ushering in an era of motion-controlled gaming. In actuality, the function was spotty and error-prone, and the product tanked. (The hefty-at-the-time $100 price tag surely didn’t make skeptical parents jump at the chance to buy it.)

Just how unwieldy was it? Watch as these millennials fumble with it, struggling to keep their arms extended and fingers pinching.


The best part of the video has to be when the subjects are handed a printout of the glove’s custom controls for “Punch-Out!” that was as thick as a college essay.

They all agree that the Power Glove was a major disappointment. That said, it holds up as a visionary attempt to create what ultimately has become a reality in video games — so it makes sense that when the teens were first presented with the clunky, wearable controller, they all seemed to think it was either really old or really new. If “The Wizard” ever gets rebooted, this plot line may have to be cut…