The Origin Of X-23

X-23 first entered Marvel Comics in the comic series NYX, but her very first introduction was actually in an animated series called X-Men Evolution.

X-Men: Evolution aired back in 2009 and, unlike the typical serious and other-worldly adventures of the ’90s X-Men series, X-Men: Evolution brought the team back to high school to try and relate to a younger audience.

It wasn’t until Season 3 that the series took a more serious turn. Themes of prejudice and public misconception were at the forefront along with individual characters dealing with personal problems.

This is where X-23—aka Laura Kinney—was born. What makes X-23 interesting is that unlike Logan, whose feral persona was the focus after the introduction of the Weapon X project, Laura is a more stoic character.

Her quiet but deadly demeanour masked the pain of what had been done to her, and the slow and careful reveal brought to light a very tough woman who’s not just a clone of a male superhero, but a character who’s developed her own identity and fan following.