Here’s Why The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Is Totally Worth Replaying After 10 Years

Has it been a whole decade since the Wii launched with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess? Unless you played the simultaneously-released GameCube version, the most novel thing about Link’s 2006 adventure was Nintendo’s motion-sensing controllers. At the time, swinging (more like flailing) your Wii Remote as if it were a Hylian sword was a pretty neat gimmick–but a gimmick nonetheless.

Now that we can play Twilight Princess without the distraction of bold new hardware, it’s finally time to sit back and appreciate what the game pulls off beyond its most obvious innovation. Luckily, this one features some of the best puzzle-solving, heart-collecting, and princess-saving the franchise has to offer. Here are five more reasons Twilight Princess is worth playing—or replaying—on the Wii U.

1. Wolf Link amiibo


Those who opt for a physical copy of Twilight Princess HD will get a very snazzy Wolf Link amiibo. Tapping this bad boy to your GamePad will grant access to the Cave of Shadows, an optional new dungeon where you’ll face waves of enemies as Wolf Link. After beating the cave (assuming you survive), you can save your remaining hearts to your amiibo to try to best your score at a later time. Nintendo also confirmed saved Wolf Link amiibo data will be accessible on the forthcoming Legend of Zelda game for Wii U, which is still slated for 2016. Better still, related amiibo like Princess Zelda, Link, Toon Link, Ganondorf, and Sheik unlock even more goodies.

2. Dungeon Diving


Twilight Princess features nine of the best dungeons in the series, boasting a diverse set of puzzles requiring players to make use of their growing arsenal of items. Each dungeon is also massive, with multiple levels and an intricate design that’s totally unique from the next. Naturally, one of the best things about this HD upgrade is taking in the sights of these sprawling fortresses in full 1080p.

3. A Substantial Face Life


You probably gleaned from the game’s title that this is a high-def upgrade of a formerly standard-def game. The second most noticeable thing about Wii’s Twilight Princess was its considerably darker world—a far cry from the adorable charms of GameCube’s Wind Waker and its two DS spin-offs—and that world looks gorgeous on the Wii U. Enhanced lighting, animations, textures, and overall sharpness is immediately apparent from the first frame. Not only that, but there are some entirely new details, like Link’s long, flowing mane. You might remember the game looking pretty swell in 2006, but chances are you were playing on a much smaller screen. Fortunately, this version looks great on any jumbo-sized screen.

4. GamePad Support


Like 2013’s Wind Waker HD, Wii U’s second screen on the GamePad does wonders for Twilight Princess. Checking the map and rotating items is way less time-consuming when you don’t have to pause the action or recall the right button combination. If you’re not a fan of the more streamlined approach (or someone else is hogging the TV), there’s the option to use the GamePad as a solo screen.

5. Hero Mode


If you’re a little too familiar with Twilight Princess, the new Hero Mode will up the challenge factor by doubling enemy damage and never dropping recovery hearts. If that proves a little too difficult, your Ganondorf amiibo’s got you covered by quadrupling the damage you inflict.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is out today on Wii U. Check out the trailer below: